Posted by Valterra Parts Team on 30th Aug 2022

Phoenix Faucet - 1 Handle Lavatory Faucets Instructions



2. POSITION FAUCET Spread a small amount of tub and tile calk on the surface of the bottom plate facing the counter or sink. Position faucet through bottom plate, down through holes of counter top or sink.

3. TIGHTEN NUTS Align faucet from underside of mounting surface and secure by hand tightening locknuts. THE BOTTOM PLATE MUST BE USED. 

4. CONNECT WATER SUPPLY Cold water to the right, Hot water on the left. Make sure that the end of your existing supply line is straight and will touch the chamfer on the inside of the threaded shank. Screw the tailpiece nut onto the faucet shank. Tighten by hand.  

5. FLUSH LINES (IF NECESSARY IN NEW CONSTRUCTION) Remove aerator. Turn on water supply to faucet. Flush lines by running both cold and hot water through faucet in full open position for 15-20 seconds. Replace aerator (do not cross thread). Check supply lines for leaks. If aerator ever becomes clogged, repeat flushing. Hot Cold 4 5 3 Tub & Tile Calk 2 1 

6. CARTRIDGE - Debris in the water line may result if the faucet develops a leak which is preventing a good seal. Turn the faucet on and off several times to flush out any material that may be lodged in the faucet. If the problem persists, follow these steps: Turn off the water supply. Open the faucet to relieve any line pressure. Remove the handle by loosening the set screw. Remove the cartridge nut counterclockwise with an 8” crescent wrench. Remove the cartridge by gently prying the cartridge flange up with a small blade screwdriver. Remove rubber seat washer inside faucet shank if necessary to remove debris. Replace all components in reverse order. Turn water on and check for leaks. Replace handle.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Pulling up on the lever handle causes water to flow out the aerator. Pulling up and to the left dispenses hot water; pulling up and to the right dispenses cold water. Handle positions between full hot and full cold produce varying degrees of warm water. The degree of handle opening determines the volume of water fl ow. Returning the handle to the center and down position stops the water flow. 

CAUTIONS: All plastic connections should be hand tightened. 

DO NOT USE TOOLS. No sealant of any kind should be used between the tailpiece nut and the faucet shank. 

HELPFUL HINTS Be especially careful when screwing threaded connections together. Do not tighten any connection if the parts are not threading evenly. Unscrew the parts and start over. 

CLEANING TIPS The finish on your Phoenix faucet is designed to retain its beautiful sheen for years. To maintain the original look of the finish, we recommend the use of mild soap and water to clean the faucet. 


Valterra Products, LLC has a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all their faucets against defects in material or workmanship for the life of your faucet, ordinary wear and tear excluded. Contact Valterra Products, LLC directly should any faucets, part or parts thereof prove defective at 800-806-6159 for repairs.

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