18th May 2023

Phoenix Faucet Terminology

Phoenix Faucet Glossary Terms

1/4 turn cartridge

A two handle faucet cartridge that operates from full off to full on in the span of 90 degrees of handle rotation.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – A plastic resin used primarily for the outer cover or handle of a faucet. It is molded with a durable, high gloss finish and can be chrome plated.


Faucet end point device that draws air into the solid water stream to create an air and water mix (white aerated stream) that does not splash on dishes and pans.

Ball Cap (bonnet top)

One handle faucet cartridge top plastic component with a triangular hole that limits handle travel.

Ball Stem

One handle faucet cartridge metal stem that attaches the handle to the faucet and relays the handle movement to the bonnet bottom to start, stop and mix hot and cold water.

Black Domed Hole Plug

Black (or white) decorative plastic plug that covers the lift rod hole on a lave faucet when a pop up waste is not installed.


A large nut, sometimes referred to as a collar, used to hold the faucet’s stem in place.

Bonnet Bottom

One handle faucet cartridge bottom plastic component whose openings slide over stationary rubber washers, starting, stopping or mixing hot and cold water.

Bonnet Lock

Two handle faucet plastic component that prevents rotation and unscrewing of a stem and bonnet assembly or cartridge.

Bonnet Lock Washer

Two handle faucet plastic component that retains the bonnet lock and also prevents blow out of the stem and bonnet assembly or cartridge.

Bonnet Middle

One handle faucet cartridge plastic component that provides the lower pivot support for the ball stem.

Bonnet Top (ball cap)

One handle faucet cartridge top plastic component with a heart shaped cam that limits handle travel.


A CO (center outlet) lavatory waste fitting for a sink with no overflow hole.

Cartridge Valve

A cartridge provides a rotary or slicing motion to shut off the water flow as opposed to a compression stem. Your faucet has a washerless cartridge if the handle moves DOWN when turned counter-clockwise and UP when it is turned clockwise.


A plastic resin in the acetal family that is used for plumbing components. Widely used for underbodies and valve control components. A few Phoenix faucets have celcon underbodies. Most are spin welded DuraPro™.


Center underbody component that mixes the hot and cold water.

Centerpiece Nut

One handle faucet retaining nut that keeps the cartridge components secure in the centerpiece.


Centerline distance between inlet shanks on a faucet. The inlet shanks have ½-14 NPSM threads and have mounting nuts that secure the faucet to the sink or counter top. Typical centerline distance is 4″ for lavatory sinks and 8″ for kitchen sinks.

Ceramic Disc Cartridge

A cartridge made with fire-hardened ceramic disks that are rotated together or apart to control water flow. The discs make the cartridge watertight. Because of their hardness, they are more durable in all water conditions than any other stem or cartridge.

Clapper Assembly

A lift rod and rubber washer used in diverter tub spouts to divert water from the tub spout to the shower head.

Compression Stem Valve

A stem that shuts off water flow by forcing a stem with a flat washer against a metal or plastic seat. Your faucet has a compression stem if the handle moves UP when turned counter-clockwise and DOWN when it is turned clockwise.

Concealed Diverter

A tub/shower faucet whose shower valve and riser are behind the finished tub wall.

Crowfoot Washer

A large, thin, crimped metal washer that locks the faucet shank mounting nut (usually metal) to the bottom of the sink.

D Spud

Threaded fitting for attaching a hand held shower head and hose assembly. The terminology comes from diverter spud, shortened to D spud.


A device used in tub/shower faucets to divert water flow from the tub spout to the shower head. A diverter is also used in kitchen faucets to divert water flow from the spout to a vegetable spray head and hose assembly.

Diverter Spout

A tub spout with a lift rod assembly that can divert the water flow from the spout to the shower head. The lift rod assembly is typically at the front of the spout.


A glass reinforced polypropylene plastic resin that is specially formulated to be used in faucet waterways. The majority of Phoenix faucets with plastic underbodies are DuraPro. All Phoenix DuraPro underbodies are spin welded.


Phoenix Products Inc. name for the PVD finish on its polished brass faucets.

End trim

An end point device in a lavatory or kitchen faucet that delivers a stream of solid water. There is no aeration of the water to soften the force of the water stream.

Exposed Diverter

A tub/shower faucet whose shower valve is in front of the finished tub wall.


Trim piece for covering a cut out hole in the sink deck or shower wall.

Handle – Blade

A tow handle faucet component that screws into the handle hub. The blade insert is round and typically clear plastic.

Handle – Knob

A two handle faucet with 6 equally spaced projections.

Handle – Lever

A two handle faucet with a lever style blade insert, which is typically clear plastic. The handle can be actuated with a stub or hook.

Handle – Single Lever

A one handle faucet with a loop or straight lever used to select the water flow. The handle can be actuated with a stub or hook. Tub/shower handles are typically knobs, but can be levers.

Handle -Wing

A two handle faucet handle with a 4″ lever that can be actuated with the palm or elbow.

Hose & Spray

A kitchen faucet attachment for spraying vegetables. The spray head is usually mounted to a 4 foot hose assembly.


A Phoenix hybrid faucet is made using a plastic polymer infused with powdered metal to form the outer shield and the underbody. Hybrid underbodies are also made form a single piece mold eliminating waterway leak points. They have water conservation aerators and the poly-metal meets the strictest low lead drinking water standards in the country.

Index Button

A decorative insert used to cover the handle screw in a knob or lever handle usually indicated hot an cold sides.


Refers to the counter top or sink deck for mounting a faucet.


Nut for securing the shanks of a two handle faucet to a counter top or tub wall. The nut may include a flange for spanning large holes or may be used with a crowfoot washer.


A substance applied as a surface coating to reduce friction between moving parts. Use only Dow Corning 111 silicone compound for faucet seal lubrication. Do not use a petroleum based lubricant.

Metal Ball Lever

See ball stem above.

Mixing Chamber

The center area in a faucet where the hot and cold water combine before discharging to the aerator, tub spout or shower head.


A round elastomeric gasket with a round cross section that seals a joint against a pressurized fluid such as water.


A PO (patent overflow) lavatory waste fitting for a sink with overflow channel.


The lavatory sink drain assembly that closes off the sink bowl outlet to retain water in the sink or it can be opened via a lift rod to raise the plug stopper to let the water flow through.

Powder Coating

A process for applying a durable, decorative color to faucet part. The powder is applied dry to the part via an electrostatic charge and then heat fused to cure to a tough, smooth finish.


Refers to the dual purpose spray head in a kitchen faucet. The spray head can be left in the spout receptor and be used as a fixed source of water. Alternatively, the spout can be pulled out from the receptor and used to spray down all corners of the sink bowls or used to fill over size containers.


Physical vapor deposition is the process of depositing a solid material from the vapor phase onto a plastic or metal substrate. The result is a hard, non tarnishing decorative finish with durability similar to chrome.

Renu Seat

Replaceable seat in a compression style faucet. Unscrew the old seat and screw in a new seat.


Same as renu seat but not necessarily replaceable.

Seat Bore

Refers to the bore that accepts a seat washer and spring in a one handle faucet.


Threaded inlet port of a two handle faucet that admits incoming water and also provides a means for mounting the faucet to the deck or wall.


Cover or escutcheon of a faucet used to hide the underbody.

Shower Arm

Metal or plastic arm that connects the shower head to the drop ell riser fitting behind the tub/shower wall.


An end point device used to deliver water in an overhead spray for showering.

Side or Vegetable Spray

Spray head and hose assembly used as an attachment to a kitchen faucet. The spray head is usually lever controlled and can be used to reach all areas of the sink bowls and also fill over size containers.

Spin Welding

Spinning two plastic parts together at high speed to melt the surface layer of plastic together, resulting in a solid bond upon cooling.

Spout – Bar

A vertical, hooked spout 6″ to 9″ high, generally on a 4″ center base, used for filling tall glasses. The aerator points straight down.

Spout – Goose Neck

A high clearance, large circular arc tubular kitchen spout for filling large pots and pan. The spout can rotate and is fitted with an aerator that points downward at an angle toward the user.

Spout – Hi-Arc

A high clearance tubular decorative kitchen spout 9″ high and 7″ long for filling large pots and pans. The spout can rotate and is fitted with an aerator that typically points straight down.

Spout – Kitchen

The outlet of a kitchen faucet, typically 8″ in length. Spouts normally rotate about a center hub and provide a fixed, hands free source of water.

Spout – Pull out / Pull down

A kitchen spout with selections for aerated spray and vegetable spray. The spray head can be pulled out of the holder and deliver water to all corners of the sink bowls.

Spout – Tub

The outlet of a tub/shower faucet used to fill the bath tub with water.


The portion of a stem or cartridge valve that the handle attaches to.

Stem and Bonnet

A compression type valve that uses a rotary downward force to shut off incoming water. The stem and bonnet can be made from plastic or metal. A rubber seat washer is attached to the end of the stem and provides a leak proof seal against the seat in the underbody.


Cover or escutcheon of a faucet used to hide the underbody and provide a pleasing, aesthetic look.

Tub Mount

A deck mounted faucet such as Roman or Garden tub faucets. The tub filler is always deck/ledge mounted and the handles are either deck/ledge mounted or wall mounted.


The waterway under the faucet shield that the water travels through.

Vacuum Breaker

A safety device to prevent the back flow of non drinking water back through the faucet and into the drinking water system. Back flow conditions occur when the drinking water system is less than atmospheric pressure. The vacuum breaker has an atmospheric port, which lets air into the outlet to prevent back siphonage.


A device that starts, stops or meters the flow of water in a faucet.

Wall Mount

A wall mounted faucet such as a tub/shower faucet. The tub filler spout, shower head and control valve are mounted into the vertical tub/shower wall.


An elastomeric gasket used to seal off water flow in a compression style faucet and is known as a seat washer or bibb washer. A washer could also be a round, flat washer that seals off a hose assembly and faucet or hand held shower head joint.

Washerless Cartridge

Same as Cartridge


See underbody