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​Valterra EZ-Valve Instructions - RV Sewer & Sanitation

Valterra EZ-Valve Instructions 

Your new valve contains: 

(A) Valve Assembly (Valve, motor, cable with male connector plug, seals, nuts and bolts) 
(B) Black Water Switch Plate
(C) Gray Water Switch Plate
(D) Circuit Breaker
(E) Female connector plug with black three wire cable and harness connected to control switch
(F) Red and black lead wires
(G) Two unconnected circuit breaker wires
(H) Screws (3) 

There are two parts to the installation – the Control Switch and the Valve. 
It is important to read both sections of the instructions completely before you begin.

Make sure your holding tank is flushed and drained before removing your old valve.

Control Switch Installation

1) Choose a location in the control compartment for the electric switch plate that has enough space behind the wall to accommodate the switches and the wiring. The switch plate(s) should not be installed in a location where it will be exposed to the weather. If two valves are to be installed, locations for two switch plates will be required. 

2) Depending on the installation, select either the (B) black water valve switch plate or the (C) gray water valve switch plate. Press and lock the circuit breaker (D) into place on the front of the appropriate switch plate. 

3) Feed the wire harness connected to the control switch through the top opening of the switch plate.  With the translucent red bar at the top, push and lock the toggle switch into place in the upright position.  

4) Using the provided template, drill the switch plate holes indicated for either a single or a double valve installation. For a double valve installation, the holes should not be closer than 4” center to center as indicated on the provided template. 

5) From the outside wall of the control compartment, feed the female connector plug and cable, the red and the black lead wires and the numbered disconnected reset breaker wires through the top 1 ¾” hole. 

6) Feed the disconnected reset breaker wires back to the outside through the bottom 1” hole. Connect the wires to the corresponding numbered positions on the breaker terminal. 

7) Position the switch plate over the opening. Using the switch plate as a template, drill three 1/16” holes for the switch plate screws. Secure the switch plate with the provided screws. 

8) If a second valve is to be installed, follow the same installation steps for the second switch plate and switches. Note – the holes can not be closer than 4” center to center. 

Valve Installation 

1) Waste water can flow through the EZ-Valve in either direction. The valve should be mounted so that there is sufficient clearance for the mechanism to open completely in the electric mode. When operating, the valve will extend to an overall length of 15 ¼” when fully opened. This is 3 ¾” longer than the closed overall length of 11 ½”. 

2) Remove the existing nuts/bolts, valve and seals. Place the new seals over the lip of the existing flange fittings. Insert the EZ-Valve being careful not to dislodge the new seals from the flanges. Insert the new bolts and nuts and tighten evenly. 

3) Using heavy duty cable ties, support the valve assembly-pipe connection by securing the waste tank pipes to the portion of the vehicle’s frame that is closest to the assembly(s.) 

4) Connect the male to female wire harness connectors. The locking arms on the male side of the connector should lock onto the female half of the connector. For double valve installations, make sure the switch harness is connected to the appropriate valve harness. 

5) Connect the white wire to the positive side of the 12 VDC constant power source. 

6) Connect the black wire to the negative side of the 12 VDC constant power source. 

7) Secure all excess wire by using tie straps. 

8) The EZ-Valve system is now ready for operational testing.

Manual Override If it ever becomes necessary to use the E-Z Valve manual override, remove the ring pin from the valve lift arm. Turn the valve handle 90° clockwise to clear the lift arm. Pull the valve handle to the valve open position. 

Note that in normal operation, the valve handle should be located within the actuator bracket, not within the finger ring pin – 

Valve Specifications Voltage: 12 Volts DC AMP Rating: 2.5 AMPS per valve Valve Size: 3” Open Cycle Time: 1.3 second Close Cycle Time: 1.3 seconds Open / Close Cycle Tested: 6,000 cycles Valve Length Open: 15 1/4” Valve Length Closed: 11 ½” Flow Direction: Either direction Operating Temp: 35 – 120 Degrees DRILLING HOLE TEMPLATE

This information was found from Valterra Products, LLC